Consignment Terms

Thank you for consigning with Oolala! Consign and Furniture Annex. Our goal is to create a shop that highlights the beauty and utility of previously loved items.

Consignment Process and Items Accepted:

  • All items must be reviewed at a contract appointment. For each session 30 items maximum are accepted.
  • All clothing items must be clean, in good condition and appropriate for in-season selling. They should be dry cleaned as needed.
  • Oolala! Consign will take excellent care of all items, however it is not responsible for damage or loss of articles.
  • All furniture and art must be viewed and discussed prior to appointment. Please email photos to ahead of a confirmed appointment.
    • New clients will have a one-time sign-up fee of $25.00 to establish their account.

Length of Time Consigned:

  • Items are consigned for 6 months maximum.
  • Items in the store remaining after 6 months must be picked up (by appointment) or be concluded to be the property of Oolala! Consign.
  • Items may be picked up after 6 months by appointment only.
  • Oolala! Consign has permission to donate all unsold items after the 6 months to area charities.


  • Sales promotions may be created and marketed at the discretion of Oolala! Consign.
  • The final selling price or markdowns on consigned items is the payout price.
  • Consignors receive 30% of the final selling price.
  • Consignor payout checks will be available by appointment only after April 15 (for October-March sales) and October 15 (for April-September sales).
  • All self-addressed stamped mail checks must be scheduled by appointment.
  • Unclaimed checks after 90 days become the property of Oolala! Consign.

Please save the completed form and email it to, or print and mail to:

Oolala! Consign
1006 19th Street South in Jackson Plaza
La Crosse, WI 54601